Shakti Golokdham: Discover Spiritual Living in Aurangabad


Explore Shakti Golokdham, the 1st spiritual living project in Aurangabad by Shakti Lifespaces. Immerse yourself in the divine environment and experience modern amenities for a spiritual journey. Find eternal spirituality and harmony in luxurious flats and studio apartments at this prominent location. Unfold the force within you at Golokdham!

Wondering why this is so?

Why does Spirituality have such strong and deep roots in our cultural heritage?

This is because all the Vedas and Puranas, all the mythological stories have begun in India. This is because India took major steps and focused on delivering a spiritual environment to the residents of the city.

Shakti Lifespaces believes in delivering spirituality, and for the same, the group has established a divine project in the town- Shakti Golokdham- Where God Is Yor Immediate Partner.

The Group was formed by 4 dynamic leaders, who had the vision to uplift the living standards of Aurangabad. This long-lasting mission of the company is to create spaces that is present-perfect and future-proof, mixed well with the environments, and exude vitality and aesthetic appeal.

Honesty, innovation, excellence, sustainability, value creation, and commitment to timely delivery are the core values of our company.

Connect to the supreme at Golokdham

Shakti Lifespaces is a grand project of 252 1,2,3 BDHK flats and studio Apartments, 18 3BHK row-houses, and shops. It is a place of eternal spirituality, and harmony. Located in the most prominent location of Aurangabad, these luxurious flats in Aurangabad are planned with the highest material comforts of the modern age.

Living spiritual is to restore hope and optimism. A spiritual journey can greatly help you to be more at peace with yourself and the world. Grab this one-of-its-kind spiritual living experience and get indulged in a better world with its modern amenities.

Discover and awaken the force within you at Golokdham...!!!

Become a member of this spiritual project and unfurl yourself to the divine side of life.